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Why Swimming Pool Safety Is Important For Your Pets

While swimming pool owners should take the necessary steps to ensure their swimming pools and spas are safe for their children (and everyone else in the family) our pets are often forgotten about in the equation.

Be that as it may, our four-legged friends are still at risk for drowning or hurting themselves whenever they are browsing around your swimming pool in your yard. This is why you should have a separate plan in place to ensure your swimming pool safety plan is suitable for your furry friends in addition to your family members.

After all, for most people, pets are a huge part of their family unit, which is why we care so deeply about their well-being and ensure they’re always taken care of when it comes to what they eat and their vaccinations and medications, which is why not putting them at risk around your swimming pool is something most pet owners would be adamant about.

With that said, not many pool owners have a cohesive swimming pool safety plan in place, and either have not enough precautions to protect their pets or are using the wrong techniques. Luckily, as the Atlanta swimming pool experts, we here at The Pool Butler are dedicated to helping pool owners make their pool a safe environment with the proper swimming pool safety tips:

Being Mindful Of Your Pet’s Ability To Swim

Pool safety for your pets begins with paying attention to your pet’s abilities when it comes to swimming. While some pet owners may think this ability is natural for any pet, in all actuality, most pets don’t know how to swim unless properly trained to do so.

No matter the breed, or how many times you’ve practiced swimming with your pet in the past, you should keep in mind that a dog’s swimming ability is greatly diminished during the evenings (as they lose the ability to see clearly) and as they age.

You should also never leave your pet near your pool alone. Being adamant about supervising your pet while outside is the best way to prevent an accidental drowning.

Ensuring Your Pet Knows How To Get Out Of The Swimming Pool

Regardless of if your pet is allowed in the swimming pool or not, you should practice ways for your furry friend to get out of the pool in the rare case it should fall in.

In order to ensure your pet is prepared to exit your pool in the case of an emergency, you should practice an escape plan multiple times per day until you feel comfortable enough in the dog’s ability to do this on their own.

For added safety, you can also purchase a pet pool ramp, which makes it easier for your four-legged pal to escape the pool should they become tired or fall in by accident.

Additional Ways To Get Your Pet Out Of The Swimming Pool

In addition to practicing how to get out of the pool on their own, you should also implement additional methods for helping your pet escape a swimming pool.

This includes practicing the “come” command, which can encourage your pet to get out of the pool whenever the command is spoken. This will help playtime from becoming dangerous if your pet should grow tired while swimming.

You could also invest in a life vest that is specially designed for pets. Just be careful when applying the vest to your pet in order to ensure the vest is not too tight, as this can be life-threatening.

Installing A Swimming Pool Safety Fence

For pool owners with children or pets that roam around outdoors, a swimming pool fence is a great investment.

While no safety precaution is full-proof, a safety fence can effectively prevent accidental fall-ins and drownings as they are installed around the perimeter of your swimming pool to create a barrier while children and pets are playing in your yard.

Considering An Alarm For Your Swimming Pool

Similar to a baby monitor, there is a wide range of special alarms available for your swimming pool that will alert you to a dangerous situation when you’re not near your pool.

These alarms are specially designed to sound off whenever something over a certain weight (typically over 15 pounds) has fallen into your pool, which can make all the difference should your pet or child accidentally fall into your pool without supervision.

It’s important to note that while alarms can be extremely helpful in these situations, they are only as effective as the person who hears them. Nothing can protect your pet and children more than supervision.

In emergency situations, you should be able to perform pet CPR, which is why it’s a good idea to research this method before an emergency can arise as it could save your pet.

While these tips can certainly be useful to keep your pets safe around your swimming pool, it’s highly recommended that you combine them with close supervision.

If you want to learn more about keeping your swimming pool as safe as possible, feel free to contact The Pool Butler today. Our company has been serving Atlanta and surrounding communities for many years with the best in swimming pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair, which is why we have such an extensive knowledge when it comes to swimming pool and spa safety.

To see what some of our past customers are saying about their experience with The Pool Butler, please visit our testimonials page.


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