Tips For Opening Your Pool This Spring

Spring is just around the corner in Atlanta, and with it comes longer days, warmer weather, and the perfect time to open your swimming pool.

This year, prepare your pool for a fun swimming season by following these important tips. They will make opening your pool much easier and get you out and enjoying some fun in the sun in no time!

Removing the Cover

After a long winter you will probably notice that your pool cover needs a good cleaning. It is important to remove any debris or standing water from your cover before taking it off.

You want to avoid any of that mess getting into your pool water. You can remove any standing water using a pump and you can get rid of leaves, sticks, and other debris by using a leaf rake.

Once you have cleaned your cover, remove it and lay it flat to ensure that it is totally clean. After it has dried completely, fold it neatly and store it for next winter.

Taking proper care of your pool cover is extremely important, as it will keep it in good condition and make closing your pool much easier when winter comes.

Examine, Clean, and Fill Your Pool

Once the pool cover has been removed, it is important to examine your pool closely and inspect for any damage that may have occurred during the winter months.

This includes checking your pool filter for clogs or tears, as well as checking your pool’s liner for tears and damage. If needed, address any repairs that need to be made.

Next, you are ready to fill your pool to the appropriate water level. After months of being covered, it is likely that your pool will be lower on water.

Once it has been filled, you should vacuum your pool. Pay close attention to walls, floors, and steps as these areas tend to gather debris. Giving your pool a thorough clean will help to make the chemicals more effective when they are added.

Adjust Chemicals and Balance the Water

When it comes time to open your pool, the easiest way to get all of the chemicals you will need is to purchase a kit. Pool opening kits typically include the following items: multi-purpose pool shock, algaecide, pool care pill treatments, and test strips.

They also give specific directions on how to test your water for pH, calcium, and alkalinity. After adding chemicals and getting the appropriate levels for your pool you are ready to chlorinate it. Again, test the water for adequate chlorine levels.

Next, you will want to shock your pool. Refer to your pool opening kit for recommended dosage. The last step in preparing your pool is to add algaecide and pool care pills. Always refer to the pool manual for proper dosage and be sure to avoid entry in the pool while it is being treated.

Following these simple steps will make opening your pool much easier, saving you time and money. You will be prepared to enjoy a healthy, clean, and sparkling pool. Of course, to expedite the process, consider contacting a pool maintenance company like The Pool Butler!

The Pool Butler