The DO’s & DON’Ts Of Swimming Pool Cleaning

The Pool Butler prides itself on the quality of our swimming pool cleaning services. We love keeping our customers happy and their pools clean.

Our expert staff understands how important it is to keep your water and surfaces clean. Proper swimming pool cleaning ensures safety, protects your health and makes your equipment last longer.

To keep pools clean, it’s vital for companies like ours to cooperate with homeowners. We both have a vital role to play. Your pool will stay in better condition if we take the right steps to work together.

After you’ve signed up for our cleaning and maintenance services, please follow these simple “DOs and DON’Ts” to maximize enjoyment of your pool and help us serve you more efficiently.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Rules You Should Follow


DO skim debris off the water surface on a daily basis. Be sure to remove leaves, dead insects and other objects before they sink to the bottom.


DO take the time to empty your swimming pool’s basket regularly. You’ll probably see additional bugs and tree debris in this unit. Missing water toys can sometimes be found here as well.


DO observe the water level. If it looks too low or too high, give us a call. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem in no time.


DO check your pool components from time to time. Look at the pump, jets, filter, liner and any ladders. It’s crucial to detect problems before they lead to further damage or create health hazards.


DO call or contact The Pool Butler when you notice anything abnormal. For instance, perhaps the pump is spraying water or producing more noise than usual. Our knowledgeable staff will diagnose the problem and take steps to solve it.


Swimming Pool Cleaning Mistakes


DON’T invest your cash in costly cleaning equipment or chemicals. We’ll always handle this task for you. There’s no need to spend money on these products, travel to stores or lug heavy containers around.


DON’T handle dangerous chemicals or store them in your house. In an average year, pool supply accidents will send around 2,500 homeowners to the emergency room. Many suffer serious eye injuries.


DON’T balance the chemistry of your water. When you use our service, you won’t need to worry about attaining the right pH level. We’ll test the water and add the appropriate chemicals to it.


DON’T vacuum the base of your swimming pool. Our staff will handle this time-consuming task for you. Vacuuming ensures that people don’t have to walk through waterlogged debris or sediment on the bottom.


DON’T shock the water in your pool. This is another potentially hazardous task that well-trained The Pool Butler employees will perform. It involves dispersing a chemical that helps to improve the water quality.


DON’T backwash your filter. We’ll take care of this messy but vital chore. You won’t need to handle diatomaceous earth or set aside time for this task during the weekend.


DON’T fix equipment that fails or works improperly. Our diligent technicians will service faulty components and replace them if necessary. We use high-quality parts and strive to perform lasting swimming pool repairs for every customer.

Enjoy Your Swimming Pool

One of the best things about living in Atlanta is the extended length of our pool season. So enjoy the benefits of a clean pool.

Swimming, diving, playing and relaxing should be your main focus. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to maintain and clean it. You have better things to do on your days off.

If you aren’t already one of our customers, DON’T wait any longer. DO call (770) 439-2644 to opt for our routine swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service.

The Pool Butler