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How Rain Can Affect Swimming Pool Maintenance

Here in Atlanta (especially in the summer months) rain and thunderstorms are both an unfortunately common occurrence. While rain is typically not something to fret over, for pool owners, heavy rainfall can have a serious impact on the way in which you maintain your pool.

While other seasons throughout the year still require regular pool maintenance — which is something we offer here at The Pool Butler — the humid and precipitation-heavy summers we experience in the South East are the times of year where you need pool maintenance the most.

Why? We’ll explain:

Rain And Your Swimming Pool

Believe it or not, when rain water falls from the sky and into your swimming pool it changes the water’s chemistry through lowering its pH (which stands for potential hydrogen) level.

This can diminish the effectiveness of your pool’s chlorine; allowing more germs to thrive. It can also lead to severe skin and eye irritation for you and your family members. With that said, there are a few techniques you can implement in order to prevent this from happening.

Why You Shouldn’t Drain Your Pool Before A Storm

You may have received advice in the past to drain your pool at the first signs of an oncoming storm, however, this is bad advice as doing so can be dangerous and damage your swimming pool.

If designed and installed properly, your pool should have overflows that can accommodate any excess water, including rain. Of course, if you’re still concerned about overflowing or flooding during a rainstorm, you could always reduce your water level.

Keep in mind, however, that you should never decrease water passed 2-3 inches, as lowering it anymore can cause your swimming pool to be ripped right out of the ground during a severe thunderstorm.

Why You Should Switch Off All Gas And Electrical Lines Connected To Your Pool

It’s always a smart idea to turn off the circuit breaker that is connected to your swimming pool before a storm (rain water and electricity do NOT mix) as well as any gas lines to your pool’s equipment.

Failing to switch off a gas line before a storm hits can cause a gas leak, which can lead to a disaster very quickly.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Pool Cover

In theory, using a pool cover to protect your swimming pool from oncoming debris and foliage during a storm may seem like a good idea.

However, this is not the case, as the winds from the storm itself can actually rip your cover off the pool, causing tears and damage.

Skimming Your Pool After A Storm Hits

It may be tantalizing to immediately turn your pool equipment back on after a storm ends, but you should avoid doing so as it can actually cause damage.

Instead, you should turn to your skimmer in order to clean any debris that may have entered your pool during the storm as this will protect your pump and filter from having to deal with large leaves, rocks and other damage-causing debris.

You can always contact The Pool Butler for extra professional swimming pool care before or following a nasty storm. Our expert technicians will ensure your pool is looking and functioning its best throughout the season!

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