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Swimming Pool Safety For You And Your Family

Ensuring Swimming Pool Safety For You And Your Family

The swimming season is just getting started. And as you know, swimming pool safety tips are your highest priority. Swimming pool safety for you and your family need to be at the forefront of every pool owner’s mind.

The Atlanta swimming pool maintenance experts from The Pool Butler understand the necessity for pool safety. That’s why we’re offering these safety tips for pool owners in North Georgia.

Ensuring Swimming Pool Safety For You And Your Family [infographic]

Investing In A Swimming Pool Safety Fence

The first line of defense in swimming pool safety for you and your family is a swimming pool fence. And that’s not just a good idea. Swimming pool fences are a legal requirement in almost every state. By law, a swimming pool safety fence needs to surround your entire pool. In most cases, a wall of your house can count as one side of the pool fence. However, any door leading directly to the pool must be alarmed. And all this is for a good reason. A pool fence can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A swimming pool safety fence is one of the best ways to keep your family and pets safe around your pool. Your pool professional can educate you about the legal requirements for a pool fence in your area. You need to construct a pool fence as part of any pool project, at the same time as the pool.

Considering A Safety Cover & Alarm

In addition to a pool fence, you should also consider a swimming pool safety cover. A safety cover enhances the safety of the pool by keeping your children and pets from falling in. Even if you already have a fence, a cover is a great secondary safety measure. A safety cover, unlike a solar cover, is stiff and taut. It should be able to hold a large adult without caving in.

A safety cover should not be where you stop in terms of keeping your pool safe. You can also invest in a pool safety alarm. A safety alarm improves the safety of your pool by alerting you when someone is entering the pool area. A standard alarm system is activated when anyone opens the gate to your pool fence. Another option is to install a motion sensor in the pool area.

Additional Safety Measures

  • Make sure you use non-slip materials for the pool deck to prevent any slips and falls.
  • Have your pool contractor inspect the pool for chipped or cracked tiles. Damaged tiles can pose trip or cut hazards.
  • Make sure the pool ladder is safe. It needs to be safely anchored and wide enough for safe ingress and egress. The handrails should be non-slip for ease in using the ladder.
  • Make sure everyone in the family knows how to swim.
  • Never leave anyone unattended in the swimming pool—children or adults.
  • Make sure you have life-saving equipment poolside. You should also have a life jacket and a pole to assist people in getting out of the pool in an emergency. Finally, make sure you have a working phone close by.
  • Make sure the chemicals in your pool are always balanced. Too much of any chemical or wrong pH can cause red, itchy eyes or sensitive, dry skin from swimming.

When you become a swimming pool owner, you need to put in place plenty of safety measures. For additional tips, please feel free to contact The Pool Butler.

Our company has been serving Atlanta and the surrounding communities for many years. Together we can help make your swimming pool the safest area in your home!

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