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Why Should You Consider Professional Pool Cleaning Services?

You may have looked into professional pool cleaning services in the past, only to come away thinking it was a better idea for you and your budget to simply handle the job yourself.

With that said, while you may think you’re fully equipped to handle your swimming pool cleaning duties, in all likelihood, you could be causing serious damage to your pool; damage that could end up costing you hundreds (and even thousands) in repairs down the road.

How could this be? Well, the average DIY’er — through no fault of their own — does not have the necessary equipment, training, and expertise to carry out a proper pool cleaning. After all, pool cleaning stretches beyond simply skimming the pool for leaves and debris, and adding a few chemicals to your water every so often.

In reality, pool cleaning requires consistent work to ensure your pool not only looks its best, but performs at its optimum potential. This is why the ideal option for pool owners is to hire a swimming pool cleaning professional in Atlanta (like The Pool Butler) to provide you with proper regular swimming pool cleaning.

To prove it, we — here at The Pool Butler — want to dispell the illusion of successful DIY pool cleaning by clueing you in on the wide range of tasks required to get the job done right.

Checking Your Water Levels

Maintaining the proper water level in your swimming pool is key when it comes to not only keeping your swimming pool clean but preventing your pool equipment from clogging, which can lead to costly damages in the future that could render your pool unusable.

The ideal water level for your pool — which is recommended by most swimming pool service professionals out there — is between one third and one half of the way up the swimming pool’s skimmer, as this will allow your pool to perform at an optimum and efficient level.

If your water level is more than this, then you will typically begin to experience clogs, as the water will be moving too slow to allow debris to be pulled through the skimmer properly. Not to mention, if the water level is too high, it could cover the skimmer opening altogether, preventing any floating debris from getting in.

With that said, you also need to ensure your water level is not too low as well, as an abnormally low water level can force your pool’s skimmer to bottom out; causing your pool to lose its prime (AKA the water moving through the system) and could — in some instances — lead to your swimming pool’s pump motor to become burnt out.

By hiring a swimming pool cleaning service professional like The Pool Butler, you’ll never have to worry about water levels again. Our experts will consistently check levels to ensure your pool’s water is constantly at the exact level it needs to be for optimum performance.

Skimming And Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool

While your pool’s filter — if running properly — should be able to rid your pool of most of the debris that inevitably will find its way into the water, there is some debris that will simply linger.

This includes leaves, twigs, bandaids, and even insects. If your pool has lingering debris constantly sitting on the surface or at the bottom of your pool, this could lead to bacteria finding its way into the water and making it unsafe for you and your family to swim.

In order to properly rid your pool of this lingering debris, you will need to skim and vacuum on a daily basis. For most homeowners, this may seem like an impossible feat, as family and work life simply don’t allow the time for such a job.

This is why you should consider hiring the swimming pool cleaning professionals, who have the experience and training to give your swimming pool a thorough skim. At The Pool Butler, our pool vacuum technology is industry-grade and can clean even the most filthy of swimming pools to ensure a safe and clean swim all season and beyond.

Adjusting Your Swimming Pool’s Chemicals

It’s been said before, but it’s more than important to ensure your swimming pool chemicals are at the proper levels to ensure a safe and clean swim.

Too many chemicals and you’ll be running the risk of damaging pool lining and the skin of you and your family members; while, too little chemicals, and you’ll risk the chance of bacteria building up in your pool, which can lead to illnesses and unsightly stains.

While there are test kits out there for pool owners to check their chemicals themselves, only the swimming pool professionals can truly provide the best quality chemicals and ensure levels are consistently where they need to be, saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.

Besides, adding chemicals to your pool can be dangerous if you are not careful; and any mishap can lead to skin burns and illnesses. Not to mention, a professional will be able to properly store your chemicals so they are far away from your little ones who could potentially get into them by accident.

At The Pool Butler, our pool cleaning experts are equipped with the highest quality chemicals on the market for keeping your pool sparkling, while also being safe for swimmers. All you need to worry about is enjoying your crystal clear pool all season!

Inspecting Swimming Pool Equipment

As an added bonus, and in addition to providing professional swimming pool cleaning, the experts at The Pool Butler can also inspect your swimming pool and spa equipment to ensure everything is running correctly.

Pool equipment failure (of any kind) can result in a disaster for any pool owner; forcing you to shut down your pool until you can properly repair your equipment. Sadly, with most companies, equipment repair is astronomically pricey. However, with The Pool Butler, we take pride in offering the most affordable swimming pool repair services.

Repairing an issue as soon as it is found is critical when it comes to saving your equipment, otherwise, you could run the risk of needing new equipment altogether. This is why having our experts inspect your equipment regularly is of such value, as it allows us to provide immediate repairs whenever we find an equipment issue during our professional inspection.

Finding Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Services In Atlanta

When it comes to finding a swimming pool cleaning company in Atlanta, you may find it difficult to navigate through all the unreputable companies that are out there.

Sadly, hiring the wrong company — who lacks the experience, training, and equipment necessary to get the job done correctly — can be just as dangerous as a novice pool owner attempting to carry out their pool cleaning themselves. This is why it’s so important to ensure whatever company you hire is highly regarded for their quality of service in their particular area. To do this, you can check their website along with additional review sites to get a sense of what some of their past customers have experienced.

When it comes to reputability in Atlanta, no swimming pool services company can compete with The Pool Butler. Our company has been serving Metro Atlanta and surrounding communities for years with the best in swimming pool and spa repair, maintenance, and (of course) cleaning.

Contact The Pool Butler today to learn about any of our wide range of swimming pool services, or to schedule service for your swimming pool.


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