Cleaning A Flooded Swimming Pool

Figuring out how to clean a flooded pool can seem like a nightmare. If your pool’s overflowing, or entirely underwater, chances are you’ve got other safety issues to take care of first.

Anytime heavy rains start coming down and the ground starts getting over-saturated, be sure to turn off all electrical elements of your pool system, including pumps, jets and automation.

Next, make sure yourself, your family, your pets, and any important items from your house are safe and secure. Once the electrics to your pool are shut down, it should be the least of your worries.

Stay dry and stay safe. If you’re in a flood zone, start planning an exit strategy before you get stuck or stranded. Forget about the flooded pool until the waters go down.

Check for Anything Dangerous In or Around Your Pool

Once the actual flood is over, and once any standing water has gone down, you can start thinking about how to clean a flooded pool. If your pool was completely submerged, beware anything that looks out of the ordinary in your pool.

Sewage, debris, and unexpected objects can create dangerous situations. (If you’re ever in doubt, please call a professional.)

Wait Until the Water Goes Down

If everything looks okay (even if very dirty), you can also start thinking about the water in your pool. Luckily, most pools these days have an overflow line.

This means that if your pool was filled to the point of overflowing (or beyond) it will drain itself back to normal. (Assuming there is no debris or backup clogging the drainage system.)

Wait Until the Ground Dries Up

If your pool is older, or you don’t have an overflow line, you’ll have to drain it manually. The best way to do this is while back-washing the filter.

If you don’t know how, it’s probably because you have a pool cleaning company to do that for you. Give them a call. Let them know your situation and schedule them to come in to take care of the flooded pool.

All the same, you really don’t want to drain the pool at all until the ground dries up. Otherwise, draining that much extra water could make the flooding in your area that much worse.

How to Clean a Flooded Pool – Hire a Professional

If your pool is full of flood water or much dirtier than normal, we highly recommend calling in a professional to get it back in service. Cleaning a flooded pool can be difficult and time consuming.

Even if you take great care of your pool on a very strict schedule, a professional pool cleaning company will have access to special chemicals and additives that you probably don’t.

These chemicals allow us to treat your pool in such a way, for example, that causes all dirt particles to drop to the bottom of the pool for vacuuming.

Additionally, if your pool is just too dirty or full of flood water, we can probably drain your pool, clean it empty, then fill it up again, much quicker than we can filter out all the sewage and debris.

Best of all, having your flooded pool cleaned by a professional pool cleaning company gives you the piece of mind of knowing that a specialist is going to get the job done right, and you don’t need to handle a single chemical.



How to Clean a Flooded Swimming Pool in Atlanta

If you’re reading this article, and you just happen to be in Atlanta, then cleaning your flooded pool could not be any easier than this two step process.

(1) Contact The Pool Butler at 770-439-2644 or filling out a short form. (2) Schedule your appointment for professional pool cleaning and maintenance.

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