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The Most Annoying Swimming Pool Stain (And How To Prevent It)

While your swimming pool can surely acquire a wide range of stains, especially if you aren’t committing to regular swimming pool maintenance, there is one swimming pool stain that stands above them all in terms of annoyance: the top step stain.

This is the stain you get at the (you guessed it) top of your swimming pool’s steps and drives most swimming pool service professionals crazy, mostly because it is 100% preventable.

These stains detract from the overall beauty of your swimming pool and are (typically) the result of a standard chlorine tab floater resting on top of your step.

If you’re starting to see a discoloration in your pool’s top step, here’s how you can protect it from any further staining:

Using A Tall/Deep Chlorine Tab Floater 

As any good swimming pool service professional will tell you, the first step to avoiding the dreaded ‘top step’ swimming pool stain is to use a tall/deep chlorine tab floater.

These floaters will not be allowed to rest on your pool’s top step, and will instead bounce off, preventing an ugly stain from appearing altogether.

Keeping Debris Out Of The Pool

Yet another common cause of a swimming pool stain is debris, such as leaves, dirt, and insects. This is why it is so important to ensure your swimming pool is consistently skimmed and vacuumed in order to avoid unsightly stains.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your swimming pool cleaning tasks, you can always hire a professional in Atlanta to take your swimming pool maintenance off your plate.

Hiring A Swimming Pool Maintenance Company In Atlanta

Another way to effectively prevent ANY stains in your gorgeous swimming pool — including a top step stain — is by hiring a professional swimming pool services company for regular maintenance.

At The Pool Butler, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance plans for your Atlanta swimming pool. Our experts are highly trained and have the necessary industry-grade cleaning tools to keep your pool looking its very best.

What’s more? By hiring The Pool Butler for swimming pool maintenance, you ensure your pool is running at peak performance all season long, as we handle everything from keeping your filters clean, to ensuring your pool’s mechanics are fully functioning.

The Pool Butler has been servicing pools all over Atlanta and surrounding communities for years. Our experts have the know-how to repair any swimming pool issue and can offer you the widest range of additional swimming pool services in the area.

These services include annual equipment checks, automation repair & installation, booster pump repairs & installation, complete pool & spa leak detection, pump motor repairs, and much more. To see all of the services we offer at The Pool Butler, click here.

If you’re ready to take your swimming pool to the next level, contact The Pool Butler today to learn more about any of the pool services we offer. Or, to see what some of our past customers are saying about their experience with The Pool Butler, visit our testimonials page.



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